Buildzone Usage Guide

This is a guide created for usage on the SpudsRP buildzone system.

Guide created by drshockz#0246
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View if property is for sale.
You can do this by running /bzm info or the alias /bzm i
If it's on sale it'll return: The area 'areaID' is on sale for '$0'
If it's not on sale it'll return: AreaID of current area: 'areaID'


Purchasing a property.
You can do this by running /bzm buy
If you we're successful a wave animation will play, and you will now own the property.
If you weren't successful this could be due to lack of funds, property wasn't for sale.


Selling a property.
As of Buildzone V 1.1 community members are unable to sell their properties.

Instead the only way to sell a property is by opening a ticket in discord
requesting a staff to sell your property. You will then get 75% of the original price.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tell who owns an area?
Stand in the area you want to check, then do /bzm info to view the steamID of the owner. Otherwise it'll say it's on sale.


Buildzone 1.2

/bzm info now shows the steamID of the owner./bzlookup command added. (Admin Only)You no longer need to re-join to apply group changes.

Buildzone 1.1

People in your group can now build in your area.Added a wave animation when purchasing.Doors are now able to be linked to zones.Removed the vehicle barricade whitelist./bzd opens doors. (Admin Only)/pos shows coordinates. (Admin Only)